Best 3 player board games

Looking for the best three player board games this year?

Mobile phone and Computer games are a fun way to spend time. Scrolling through your social media accounts is additionally an option. But don’t you think there are more valuable belongings you can do rather than mindlessly using technology?

In this article, we give you the 20 best three player board games to see out and play this year. We chose them based on the positive feedback they received from satisfied customers, also as their ability to provide you with the best board game experience.

Here are some benefits of playing board games. (i) It strengthens relationships and family bonds. (ii) It improves overall brain function. (iii) It reduces stress and increases happiness. (iv) It facilitates creativity and enhanced self-confidence.

Best 3 Player Board Games

Top 10 best 3 player board games

  1. Terraforming Mars
  2. Pandemic
  3. Ticket to Ride
  4. Lords of Waterdeep
  5. Settlers of Catan
  6. Through the Ages: A Story of Civilization
  7. Wingspan
  8. Stone Age
  9. Merchant of Venus
  10. Puerto Rico

Can you play board games online with friends?

Lots of your favourite board games exist as apps for your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. And many of those have online multiplayer modes so you’ll play while voice or video calling.

If you search the Play Store for the best games, lots of them come up Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne, Ticket to Ride, Pandemic and Terra-forming Mars are all available to buy and download. Many these have single-player modes too, if you would like to play but your competitors aren’t available.

Some of your favourite games could be available under different names.

What is the most important selling board game of all time?

Here is the top 10 best-selling board games of all-time:

  • Chess
  • Checkers
  • Backgammon
  • Scrabble
  • Monopoly
  • Clue
  • Othello
  • Trivial Pursuit
  • Pictionary
  • Risk

What are the best 3-4 player board games?

Here are the top 10 best 3-4 player board games

  • Pandemic
  • Catan
  • Ticket to Ride
  • Space Base
  • Isle of Skye
  • Eldritch Horror
  • Pictomania
  • Once Upon A Time
  • Sheriff of Nottingham
  • Cover Your Kingdom

What are the top 10 board games of all time?

Here are the top 10 Board Games of All Time

  • Monopoly
  • Stratego
  • Chess
  • Risk
  • The Settlers of Catan
  • Scrabble
  • Battleship
  • Clue
  • Dominion
  • Ticket to Ride

Here are top 20 three player board games you need to play in this pandemic situation with your family or friends

1. Terraforming Mars

Terraforming Mars

Terraforming Mars is one among the best games ever released and people tend to say that it plays at its very best with three. It had been a simple choice for the top spot on the list of the best 3 player board games.

In this space exploration engine builder, you’re a corporation and you’re working with all the opposite corporations to form Mars Inhabitable. You of coarse want to be most successful corporation by the end to claim ultimate victory. This is often done by conducting many possible actions that are going to beef up your six resources that each one do wonderful, glorious things.

This is a fantastic 3 player game because there are only enough communal awards and advantages to fight over to form things cutthroat. With the three player count games are quicker and your turn comes around quick enough to stay you interested. This game are often played with up to 5 people and every one counts are pretty great.

DesignerJacob Fryxelius
Playing Time120 minutes

2. Pandemic


Pandemic is one among the few cooperative games on this list of the best 3-4 player board games. Fighting as a team of crack specialists, you’re on a race against the clock to eradicate a virus. Some say that this is often the best co-op board game out there.

You’re the scientist who can build an exploration center or you’re the pilot traveling round the world, everyone plays a roll. The game board is that the world with many interconnected cities as spaces. Each turn the virus spreads to new nodes and you’ve got to do different actions to contain them. If it gets too out of control, you lose. This is an excellent game regardless of player count. As a 3 player group, if you’re looking for an excellent option that has you all working together, Pandemic is worth a play.

DesignerMatt Leacock
PublisherZ-Man Games
Playing Time45 minutes

3. Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride is that the best 3-4 player board games for those that like adventures. The goal is to gather matching train cards then claim railway routes that connect the cities of North America. For each route you gain and mission you complete, you earn points which will increase your chances of winning. The game is one among the best family board games of all time.

The game comes with a board map of the North American train routes, 110 train car cards, 240 colored train cars, 30 destination tickets, 1 Days of Wonder Online access number and a guide for the principles of the game. It’s designed to be played by two to 5 players, ages eight years and older. Playing time is around 30 to hour, depending on each player’s strategy and technique.

Each player is given four train cards and three destination ticket cards at the beginning of the game. Each of those cards shows a pair of cities that you got to connect through railway routes. To say a route, you’ve got to match your train cards to the amount of spaces included in the route. If you are doing not have the precise colour card you need, you’ll use the locomotive card, which represents any colour.

At the end the player with the longest continuous path earns bonus points. This means that although you’ve got connected your cities and completed your goals, another player might still win if he has the longest route. While you’ll earn additional points by completing them, you furthermore may earn negative points if they’re left unfinished at the end of the game.

DesignerAlan R. Moon
PublisherDays of Wonder
Playing Time1-2 hours

4. Lords of Waterdeep

Lords of Waterdeep

The game is the best board games for 3 players goes to an epic worker placement combat game with the Dungeons & Dragons brand. Lords of Waterdeep is an intense fantasy adventure which will transport you. In Lords of Waterdeep, you’re one among the secret rulers of the town.

You can really see on this list that worker placement games lend themselves incredibly well to three player games. The thought of a triangle means power can never be weighted in anybody particular spot. Whenever one person is up, the opposite two will bring them down. And once you have too many players it dilutes your action options to the purpose where strategies get flimsy. 3 players is a sweet spot.

DesignerPeter Lee and Rodney Thompson
PublisherWizards of the Coast
Playing Time60–120 Min

5. Settlers of Catan

Settlers of Catan

Settlers of Catan helped usher in the fashionable board game 20 years ago. It’s a classic and for good reason. This euro-strategy resource management game is one among the best games ever created. The game be played with 3/4 players, but four can get crowded. This game with 3 players is mind-blowing.

In Settlers of Catan you discover yourself on an island with five resources and you would like to use them to create up your civilization. You begin with two lone settlements that you place at the corner of three different resource tiles with numbers 2 to 12 on them. The game has a revolutionary hexagon board. Everyone rolls dice at the start of the turn and if they roll variety you’re on you get that resource. You then use those to buy more city stuff to urge even more resources.

This game is high on the list of the top board games for 3 player because of how accessible it’s. Everyone from the sunshine to hard-core gamer loves this game. It’s also a top gateway game, which is that the game you show to non-board gamers to get them in. This is all for a reason. If you have 3 players and are trying to find the proper game for many occasions, look no further than Catan.

DesignerKlaus Teuber
PublisherKosmos, Catan Studio, Filosofia and 999 Games
Playing Time1-2 hours

6. Through the Ages: A Story of Civilization

Through the Ages: A Story of Civilization

It is a board game for 2–4 players published by Czech Board Games. It is a civilization building game. The goal is to develop the best civilization through new technologies, building wonders and maintaining a strong military. Weakness in any area are often exploited by your opponents. This is a fantastic game on the list of the best 3 player board games as the bidding system works great for that player count and no game does the auction building system better than Through the Ages. The original came out in 2006 with a follow-up coming a decade later in 2015.

DesignerVlaada Chvatil
PublisherCzech Board Games
Playing Time1-2 hours

7. Wingspan


Wingspan is that the medium intensity engine builder you have been trying to find your whole life. The player count really doesn’t have anything to do with it, Wingspan is a tremendous game and playing as a 3 player board game is just its sweet spot.

In this game with the unlikely theme of bird sanctuary, you’re taking a limited amount of actions to grow and find out the many available birds. Each turn you have only three things you choose lay eggs or draw bird cards, gain food. With just these minimal options you would like to create up the best fleet of exotic birds.

This game goes to be great for your 3 player board game session because it’s an excellent mixture of so many various things. Engine building is arguably one the foremost key components of a strategy game and Wingspan has it. You have such a lot control with multiple paths to victory and an easy panel of choices that each one make huge contributions to your overall situation. This is often just a well put together game.

DesignerElizabeth Hargrave
PublisherStonemaier Games
Playing Time40-70 minutes

8. Stone Age

Stone Age

Stone Age is loved by all to the purpose that it’s used often as a gateway game. If you’re unfamiliar, that’s a board game you show to a non-board gamers so as to get them to love board games. This is often a light but intense worker placement game.

In the game you break stone, collect wood and wash your gold from the river. Main tasks are trading freely, expanding your village and achieve new levels of civilization. With a balance of luck and planning, you compete for food during this pre-historic time. It is a great 3 player board game. Because it’s one among the best worker placement games out there, and worker placement is ideal for this number of players.

DesignerMichael Tummelhofer
PublisherHans im Glück
Playing Time60-90 minutes

9. Merchant of Venus

Merchant of Venus

Merchant of Venus is the best three player board games, published in 1988. Merchant of Venus is a dice rolling point-to-point movement exploration game with all kinds of stuff to get into. You are an area trader who moves your ship through star systems discovering new alien worlds to trade with. You create money delivering commodities in a unique supply-and-demand system which allows you to purchase better ships and equipment, also as, construct personal spaceports and factories. This game are often played with 1 – 4 players but it’s widely agreed that 3 player games run the best. You need a minimum of 3 and 4 makes the game drag slightly too much.

DesignerRichard Hamblen
PublisherAvalon Hill
Playing Time2–6 hours

10. Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

This game on the list of the best 3 player board games has been around fof nearly 20 years and remains going strong. You can’t even play with two people. The game is a great engine builder meets intense worker placement game for groups of people.

In Puerto Rico you’re a colonial governor on the island of an equivalent name. The target of the game is to inspissate victory points by shipping goods to Europe or by constructing buildings. You get your own player board with spaces for city buildings and resources. Shared between everyone are three ships, a trading house and doubloons.

This game is one among the best board games for 3 players because it’s a masterful harmony of two genres that employment great for this number of players, worker placement and engine builder. It gives the right amount of flow and strain on communal options to keep things interesting.

DesignerAndreas Seyfarth
PublisherRio Grande Games
Playing Time90–150 minutes

11. Blood Rage

Blood Rage

Blood Rage is one among the best 3 player board game published by CMON Limited .This 2015 game has quickly risen to be one among the top games of that genre. Every player monitoring their own Viking clan’s warriors, ship and leader. It’s your last chance to fight a battle and secure your place in Valhalla at Odin’s side! You have many way to glory, you’ll assail and pillage the land for its rewards, increase your clan’s stats or maybe die gloriously.

This is an excellent game for the list of the greatest 3 player board games. The board layout and actions you’ll take lend themselves best because the few territories would get crowded with more. This game are often played with 2 – 4 but you ought to really stick with having a group of over 2 people for max fun.

DesignerEric Lang
PublisherCMON Limited
Playing Time60-90 minutes

12. Fury of Dracula (4th Edition)

Fury of Dracula (4th Edition)

In one among the oldest stories of cat and mouse, Van Helsing and his cohort are going to be tracking and hunting down Dracula throughout the planet. No place is safe and no crypt are going to be left unturned, but within the end, the important question is who is that the cat and who is that the mouse?

The game is an all-vs-1 game where one player will be hunted down by all other players. The hunters will need to track down and follow Dracula’s trail to organize for the ultimate showdown. Dracula is by no means helpless, remains hidden on the board and gains strength during the night.

If the hunters take too long, they’ll find a region controlled by Dracula and a nest of fledgling vampires to contend with. Dracula isn’t on the run though, he’s building impact and planting the seeds of vampirism throughout the region.

DesignerStephen Hand
PublisherGames Workshop (1987) and Fantasy Flight Games (2006)
Playing Time1 to 3 hours

13. Gloomhaven


Gloomhaven is one among the most well liked games to come out in the last few decades and it’s all for good reason. This fantasy exploration game of tactical combat during a persistent and shifting world has you taking the role of a wandering adventurer. Together with your unique special set of skills and motivations, you visit this dark corner of the planet and work with other players to clear out menacing dungeons and forgotten ruins. This is often campaign-style so everything makes your character grow in skill, making you more equipped to require on the continued danger.

This award winning game fills a really specific need. If you would like an ongoing campaign to play together, then Gloomhaven is that the game for sure. It’s expensive but the hours you’ll get out of it make it worth it.

DesignerIsaac Childres
PublisherCephalofair Games
Playing Time90–115 minutes

14. Gaia Project

Gaia Project

This is a board game about territory control and space exploration. This is often a newer game on this list of the best 3 player board games and has already been praised for its tremendous game-play. It’s not necessarily unique, just rather well done.

14 different factions live on seven different sorts of planets, and every faction is bound to their own home planets, so to develop and grow, they need to terraform neighbouring planets into their home environments in competition with the opposite groups.

This is a great game on the list of the best board games for 3 players for the reason that it plays really well at that pace. This is often an epic space game that has been constructed really well. It brings together some great strategic mechanics to form for a wonderful package.

DesignerJens Drögemüller, Helge Ostertag
PublisherFeuerland Spiele
Playing Time60–150 Minutes

15. Splendor


The game is one among those titles everyone hears and talks about as its unique gameplay has put it on the top of numerous games list. It is about as lightweight as engine builder as you’ll get with such robust action.

You are a gem trader within the Renaissance trying to form a reputation for yourself. You begin with almost nothing and you would like to create up by buying equipment, transportation and every one sorts things that are going to produce more resources that build you up. This game is honestly great at 2-4 players, it’s just a wonderful game and therefore the perfect title to put in this spot on the list of the best 3 player games. If you have a group of three, this is often an incredible option.

DesignerMarc André
PublisherSpace Cowboys
Playing Time30 Minutes

16. Agricola


If you’re at all into farms and farm animals, stop what you’re doing immediately and check out Agricola. This is a worker placement game enlarging your stables and reproduction animals like horses and pigs.

Each player has three workers. Taking turns, you and everybody else takes a mix of resources to create, things to create and animals to put in completed pens. Once you have animals, they begin to breed as long as you’ve got space. You get points by having the four different animals and much of them.

Agricola is a great board game for the list of the best 3 player board games because as we’ll say over and once again, the worker placement component is a great thing with 3 players. There are many different games out there, but this one is special and deserves your attention if you’re at all into the theme.

DesignerUwe Rosenberg
PublisherMayfair Games, Lookout Games, Z-Man Games, 999 Games and Homolúdicus
Playing Time30–60 minutes

17. Dominion


Dominion is that the game that invented the deck building genre back in 2008. It’s remained relevant because it’s continued to pump out great expansions at about one per annum since it came out. There are several.

It is medieval times and you’re tapping on all the various resources of the kingdom to realize resources and glory points. A bit like in any deck builder, you begin with almost nothing and acquire new cards to add to your deck to hopefully draw and play within the future. The sweetness of Dominion is there are only ever ten cards to pull from and people are different every single game. You’ve got to fully pivot your strategy whenever.

It is a great game for 3 players very precisely because of the various configurations. Games are often quick and it’s all about who can figure out how to get it right. There’s only slightly of player interaction and therefore the perfect fun level for all of it seems to be at 3 people. 4 is just too powerful.

DesignerDonald X. Vaccarino
PublisherRio Grande Games
Playing Time30 minutes

18. Horrified


Horrified is an adventure game that centers on the classic Universal monsters like Frankenstein, the mother and therefore the Wolfman. It’s always refreshing to ascertain a game based on IP that’s actually fun and satisfying and this game is that.

You’ll come with of these various monsters as you work with others to rid the town of the misunderstood creature ere it’s too late. this is often a point to point movement game so you roll the dice and try to get to spots that are going to assist you achieve your goal.

This is a very well option for 3 players if you’re trying to find a light-weight co-op game that has a great a story. Albeit Horrified is a relatively new game with its 2019 release, it’s solid and has quickly gained strong support.

DesignerProspero Hall
PublisherRavensburger Spieleverlag GmbH
Playing Time60 minutes

19. Sequence


This is a sensational pastime for families/friends who like challenging strategic games. It comes with a folding game board, two decks of Sequence playing cards, 135 playing chips and an entire guide how to play the game. The player/team to first complete the specified number of five card sequences is that the winner of the game. The game is one among the best board games for teenagers.

Sequence is a hybrid of a board game and a cards. Four vacant corners that serve as free place for the players to use. The board consists of 2 decks of cards laid out in a 10×10 pattern, excluding the eight jacks that play a really important role, which we’ll discuss later.

The players are given cards to use for his/her game-play. They pick one among these cards to point where their chip will land on the board. Because the game continues, the destination is to finish five sequence rows, columns or diagonals until they reach the necessary score. Sequence could also be played by 2 – 12 individual players, but it can only contains two to 3 teams. This suggests that if there are quite three individual players, they will be divided into group so this is often the right game for 3 players or three teams!

DesignerDoug Reuter
Playing Time10-30 minutes

20. Scrabble


Scrabble is that the perfect fit individuals who love intellectual games involving words. It one among the foremost popular board games of all time, and never gets old. It had been created within the year 1938, when Alfred Mosher Butts developed the game. It’s one among the best board games online you’ll play with friends.

The Scrabble game we chose may be a product of Hasbro Gaming, the largest toymaker company within the world. It comes with a game board, four title racks, 100 wooden letter tiles, a drawstring letter bag and a guide for the rules of the game. The company claims that their materials are made from good quality tiles and wood.

A player can put a word on the board, exchange tiles, or pass his address await a letter which will complete a high scoring word. If you opt to place a word on the board, you must draw replacement letter tiles from the bag, like the amount of tiles you used. Each letter has a corresponding score, and you would like a pen and paper to record your scores. At the top of the sport, the player with the very best score wins.

There are many ways to play this game. You’ll opt to play it on your own to develop your tactical skills and strategy, otherwise you can compete with friends to enhance your vocabulary. You’ll even play in teams to return up with high scoring words. Scrabble is a fun and interesting game which will challenge your mind and strategy.

DesignerAlfred Mosher Butts
PublisherJames Brunot
Playing Time50 minutes

Final Word

Explore best three player board games of all time. You might have noticed that this review is slightly different. We hope you enjoyed our list of the best board games for 3 players. If you’re going to start playing three player board games, then follow our lead.

What do you think? Did we get them all top three player board games? What’s your favourite 3-4 player board games? Leave a comment below.

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