Best ps3 Racing Games of All Time

PlayStation 3 games (formally abbreviated as PS3) is from a home computer game developed by Sony Computer Entertainment. It’s the successor to PS2 and is a component of the PlayStation brand of consoles. The ps3 competed mainly against consoles such as Microsoft’s, Nintendo’s, Wii, Xbox 360 and Xbox One as part of the 7th generation of video games consoles.

PS3 racing games may be a computer game genre is that the genre of video games either within the 1st person or 3rd person perspective. During which the player partakes during a racing competition with any sort of land, air or space, water vehicles. Racing games are fall under the category of sports games.

Best ps3 Racing Games

Top 10 ps3 Racing Games

  1. Burnout Paradise
  2. Gran Turismo 5
  3. Need for Speed Hot Pursuit
  4. Midnight Club: Los Angeles
  5. Dirt 3
  6. Need for Speed: Most Wanted
  7. Gran Turismo 6
  8. Wipeout HD
  9. MotorStrom
  10. Split/Second

What is the best racing games for ps3?

Here are the best racing games for ps3:

What is the most popular game on ps3?

Here are the most popular games on ps3:

  • Grand Theft Auto V  
  • Gran Turismo 5          
  • The Last of Us           
  • Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception        
  • Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
  • Metal Gear Solid-4: Guns of the Patriots      
  • Batman: Arkham City
  • Gran Turismo 5 Prologue       
  • God of War III          
  • Gran Turismo 6

Here are the 20 best ps3 racing games you can play

1. Burnout Paradise

Burnout Paradise

For next generation arcade racing thrills Burnout Paradise is clearly our best option. Burnout Paradise features 5 modes they’re Classic Race, Road Rage, Burning Route, all new stunt run and marked man games. The important beauty is that the freedom and the way the driving itself becomes the interface to the sport. This keeps you ever more engaged and continuously driving. Sure, you’ll be stuck at the top of a race after failing, having to repel to the beginning. But why not devour another race on the way? If you wreck your car on the way, no concerns. You will enjoy the incredibly detailed crash sequence that results. Burnout Paradise is definitely one among the best ps3 racing games of all time.

SystemXbox 360 , Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch
PublisherElectronic Arts
DeveloperCriterion Games
Release Dates22 Jan, 2008

2. Gran Turismo 5

Gran Turismo 5

Gran Turismo 5 achieved an astronomical number of sales by further evolving the new standard of racing games in the PS3 generation, 1st established with Gran Turismo 5 Prologue. The game Gran Turismo 5 is a ps3 racing games 2 player mode games. It is also a open world ps3 racing games. In addition to car packs containing attractive new content, the game offered links to real life events. Gran Turismo 5 was filled with new challenges with loss expression, photo travel and weather changes.

If you are a clique GT fan this game will cater to your needs. Everyone else will find a game that’s often tedious to figure through and missing essential functionality. The actual driving in Gran Turismo 5 is excellent. The car racing game is the real deal, there is no completion. The driving is smooth, graphics are incredible and the music is impressive. Gran Turismo 5 is a masterpiece and one of the best racing Games on ps3 of all time.

SystemPlayStation 3
PublisherSony Computer Entertainment
DeveloperPolyphony Digital
Release Dates24 Nov, 2010

3. Need for Speed Hot Pursuit

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit

It’s the start of something good for the need for speed series in the exact comeback in years. Comparing it to the last instalment it thumps it and leaves it as a wreck. The game is a really true improvement and this could just bring back the series. But now was gotten competition so they have to pick their game. Overall Need for Speed Hot Pursuit is one of the best ps3 car games. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit is one of the best-selling Need for Speed games in the series.

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit was good received by critics at E3 2010. It had been most notably awarded with Best Racing Game from the 2010 Game Critics Awards also as several other media outlets. It won several best Racing Games awards. The game won a BAFTA awards for its auto log multiplayer component. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit were received numerous awards from various magazines, gaming websites and trade shows.

SystemPlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, Microsoft Windows, iOS, Android, webOS, Windows Phone and JAVA ME
PublisherElectronic Arts
DeveloperCriterion Games
Release Dates16 Nov, 2010

4. Midnight Club: Los Angeles

Midnight Club Los Angeles

This games is set in the city of Los Angeles. 245 mph is the best way to see Los Angeles. Illegal Street racing with no track, no rules and no load times. The game Midnight Club is a open world ps3 racing games.

Online play supports 16 players at once. Variety of latest modes are going to be introduced and Stockpile during which there are numerous flags to be captured. The game includes a Race features that allow the players to make tracks for online play. A perquisite of the mode is that it also allows free roaming of the sport map without traffic, police, damage or other gameplay interference.

SystemPlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Xbox One
PublisherRockstar Games
DeveloperRockstar San Diego
Release DatesOct 20, 2008

5. Dirt 3

Dirt 3

The main mode sees players gain fame points in different events to gain interest of sponsors who provide them with new cars. Flashbacks come-back from Colin McRae Dirt 2 which used 5 times in any difficulty but cost fame points to use.

This games will boast more cars, events and locations than other game in the series. This game is a gorgeous racer that adds some huge new features. The new multiplayer modes and gymkhana events are massive additions. If you are attracted primarily in racing disciplines, it has twice as many routes to race in several weather conditions.

SystemPlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows
Release Dates24 May, 2011

6. Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Need for Speed Most Wanted

This game highest achievement is how it sets such a firm focus on racing games. The game takes the game play style of the first Most Wanted. Most Wanted allows players to chosen one car and compete with another racers in 3 events. Sprint races which traveling from one point of the city to another. Each having 2/3 laps and speed runs, which embroil traversing through a course in the highest average speed possible. There are Ambush races where the player begins surrounded by cops.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted was received by critics at E3 2012. And was awarded with Best Racing Game as a nomination for Best Online Multiplayer Game from Game Critics’ Awards. The game Most Wanted is definitely one among the best ps3 racing games of all time.

SystemPlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation Vita, iOS, Android, Wii U and Kindle Fire
PublisherElectronic Arts
DeveloperCriterion Games
Release Dates30 Oct, 2012

7. Gran Turismo 6

Gran Turismo 6

More than 120 cars are added to the line-up, putting the amount of obtainable cars to 1200+. In addition to new tracks such as Panorama, Silverstone, Red Bull Ring, original tracks including Apricot Hill and Mid-Field Raceway have made a return in this version of the sport. The game GT 6 is a ps3 driving simulator games.

In addition to seasonal events an open lobby invites players to race online. Communicate with others, among the features offered are quick matches with preset regulations for straightforward online matching and racing as community sites where players can form their own clubs to make and luxuriate in racing events

In this main facet of this game players begin from the entree level. Gradually acquire higher level licenses, allowing those with different skill levels to enjoy the game at their own pace.

SystemPlayStation 3
PublisherSony Computer Entertainment
DeveloperPolyphony Digital
Release DatesDec 2, 2013

8. Wipeout HD

Wipeout HD

Get ready to race at blazing speeds, adrenaline-filled racing action! The iconic anti-gravity racing franchise is return and moving at light speed with Wipeout HD. Now with full stereoscopic 3D support for the most realist wipeout experience ever. Delivering High Definition visuals running at a breath taking 60/seconds frames in full stereoscopic 3D. Wipeout HD features various of the simplest tracks taken from early versions of the wipeout franchise and fully worked to showcase the processing power of the ps3 system. Features 8 racing teams, 5 gameplay modes, 8+ player online racing.

Gorgeous colours and detailed tracks fully rendered at 60 frames per second. NEW 3D support brings you ultra-realistic racing wipeout experience yet. Play the tracks as you complete challenges for Bronze, Silver and Gold Medals. 5 races modes are enjoy single races, speed laps and tournaments. Compete online with up to 8 players with voice chat.

SystemPlayStation 3
PublisherSony Computer Entertainment
DeveloperSony Studio Liverpool
Release DatesSep 25, 2008

9. MotorStrom


MotorStorm is the world’s most unkind racing event and the goal is to win by hook or by crook. The game is a ps3 racing games 2 player mode games. The game MotorStorm is also a ps3 driving simulator games. Choose between seven vehicle types from high flying dirt bikes to powerful big rigs. Destroy all that gets in your way in a no holds barred sprint to the finish. Try and survive.

The terrain literally gets torn up with each passing vehicle cause each lap to be different types. Destroy anything that gets in your way. Smash others and view spectacular Hollywood style crash sequences. Intense head-to-head off-road racing. Challenge the competition over voice chat. Featuring high dynamic range lighting and depth of fields are all exhibited in High-Definition. There’s not a dull moment as you are always in the thick of the action. All opponents simulate human traits, attacking and doing whatever it takes to win!

SystemPlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and PlayStation Portable
PublisherSony Computer Entertainment
DeveloperEvolution Studios, BigBig Studios, Virtuos
Release Dates14 Dec, 2006

10. Split/Second


Split/Second is an intense action racer game set within a reality television show. Opponents compete to be the first to the finishing line during a made for television city set rigged to blow with the last word goal of becoming the season champion. In the game players don not compete with other vehicles to knock them from the track. Players must use pinpoint timing to destroy large structures and towering television receiver pieces to tactically alter the track.

Every lap is different: use pinpoint timing to destroy large structures. Towering television set pieces to tactically alter the track or create entirely new routes. Intense multiplayer: compete in variety of game modes in 2-player split screen.

SystemPlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 and iOS
PublisherDisney Interactive Studios
DeveloperBlack Rock Studio
Release Dates18 May, 2010

11. MotorStrom: Apocalypse

MotorStrom Apocalypse

It is the 3rd game of the series to appear on the ps3. Apocalypse is the 1st MotorStorm game in an urban environment. The city that the festival takes place in is stable the throes of a natural disaster causing the manmade structures in the city to visibly weaken. As players race through the tracks the tracks change in real time. Similar to driving through water would speed up the rate of boost cooling.

A new challenge is the introduction of people who try to interfere in the event. The City houses 2 factions known as the DuskLite and Crazies, who vie for survival. Crazies try to obstruct the betterment of the racers. A private military company known as DuskLite attempts to order. Their involvement creates additional hazards for racers to overcome such as an attack helicopter firing missiles on the track.

SystemPlayStation 3
PublisherSony Computer Entertainment
DeveloperEvolution Studios
Release DatesMarch 16, 2011

12. GRID 2


The game Grid 2 includes numerous real world locations and cities such as Paris. It also includes motor vehicles spanning 4 decades. In the game drivers are given cars before race.

This game absolutely delivers enjoyment on all levels. It’s a cross between an arcade and racing simulation. The graphics are absolutely one of the best ps3 games. The car damage is so cool looking. When crash into a wall you can see in slow motion replay all you want as car breaks and smashes. The game itself is spot on, the driving is real to life feeling and they focused on around 50 cars. The cream of the crop, so there’s enough variety but you are always driving a wicked car. Bottom live, the game is fun. The game is definitely one of the best ps3 racing games.

SystemPlayStation 3,  Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 and OS X
Release Dates28 May, 2013

13. Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing

Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing

The game plays without change to other kart racing games such as Mario Kart with characters collecting power ups to boost their speed or hamper their opponents.

Vehicles are separated into three different categories: bikes, cars and hovercrafts. Cars are vary in speed and weight with some performing better on some terrains than others. Bikes has the fast acceleration and can perform ground tricks for extra boost. Hovercrafts aren’t influenced by any terrain and able to perform different tricks after a jump but they have bad handling. All vehicles have their own specific engine sounds.

There are 4 single player modes they are Grand Prix, Single Race, Time Trials and Missions. While modes for split-screen multiplayer, playable with 4+ players, include Free Race, King of the Hill and Capture the Chao. The game also has customizable multiplayer options for up to 8 player’s online.

SystemPlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, Wii, Nintendo DS, iOS, Mac. Android, Arcade, Blackberry 10 and Blackberry Playbook
DeveloperSumo Digital
Release Dates23 Feb, 2010

14. Need for Speed Rivals

Need for Speed Rivals

Need for Speed Rivals is a racing game and features gameplay likely to previously Need for Speed games. Such as Criterions Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit and Need for Speed: Most Wanted. Players combat the role of a racer with all sides of the law offering its own play style. Rivals features 11 upgradeable gadgets. Need for Speed Rivals features a career progression system for both racer and and. Progression is made by means of Assignments for Cop and Speed lists for Racer. Which are sets of objectives which involve dangerous driving, race standings. The game Need for Speed Rivals is also a ps3 driving simulator games.

Rivals features has a new social system called the All Drive. Which allows players to alteration from playing singly to playing with friends, described as ruining line between single and multiplayer. The game features a dynamic weather system also. Which makes the world feel alive in a much larger sense than any other Need for Speed game.

SystemPlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 and Xbox One
PublisherElectronic Arts
DeveloperGhost Games and Criterion Games
Release DatesNov 2013

15. Sega Rally Revo

Sega Rally Revo

There are 34 vehicles which are divided into 3 groups. They are Premier Class, Modified Class and Master Class. There also are various bonus cars .Such as Dakar rally types, hill climbers, buggies in every class. The cars each have 3 several liveries and all have 2 setups. The setup is either off road with best grip on loose surfaces with higher top speed and grip on hard surfaces. The different environments all feature 3 tracks (of which some can also be race in reverse direction at a different time of day) except for bonus environment Lakeside that only has a single race and again unlocked as you deplyment through Championship mode.

SystemPlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, Microsoft Windows and Xbox 360
DeveloperSega Racing Studio
Release DatesSep 28, 2007

16. Driver: San Francisco

Driver San Francisco

New feature Shift which grant Tanner to teleport from one to another car without stop the mission. As well as the capability to use Shift all cars are equipped with a boost feature. Players can also push L1 on the ps3. The film director mode was not present from Parallel Lines also returns and players share videos on the Driver Club site.

San Francisco is identical from another games within the series, therein the sport features license real world cars. The game includes 140 damage able licensed vehicles. Ranging from muscle cars, buggies and sport cars.

SystemPlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, Wii and Mac OS X
DeveloperUbosoft Reflections
Release Dates1 Sep, 2011

17. Shift 2: Unleashed

Shift 2 Unleashed

Shift 2: Unleashed is a racing video game. The 1970th instalment of the Need for Speed series. This game features 145+ cars from 37+ manufacturers and 36+ different tracks which players can compete in different races. Players can also compete online. The game features 3 new main additions also. There are 40 real world locations also. As well as imaginary circuits like downtown London and Shanghai.

Shift 2 claims to re-define the racing simulator mode by delivering genuine life dynamic crash physics. During their careers virtual racers partake in several motor sports like drifting, retro car racing, endurance races, muscle car racing and circuit competition — to hone their driving skills in hopes of becoming the FIA GT1 world championship.

SystemPlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 and iOS
PublisherElectronic Arts
DeveloperSlightly Mad Studios
Release Dates29 Mar, 2011

18. Race Driver: Grid

Race Driver Grid

In this game the player runs their own race team acting as the primary driver. The game Grid is a action game ps3 racing games. The game starts with the player receiving jobs to drive for another teams to get money. Once the player gains enough capital they buy their own vehicles and drive on one’s own. Grid features a game play mechanic called Flashback. Which allows the player to rewind gameplay by up to 10 seconds and resume from their chosen point. Grid features several modes of competition using different cars. 3 main regions are found in the game US, Europe and Japan each with their own championship. Each of the game’s 43 cars are tied to one of these 3 regions. Grid also features various types of events to compete in including GT championships, open wheel racing, drifting and demolition derby. Players can partake in the 24 Hours of Le Mans at the end of each racing season.

SystemPlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, Nintendo DS, Arcade and OS X
DeveloperCodemasters, Sega, Feral Interactive
Release DatesMay 30, 2008

19. Need for Speed: Shift

Need for Speed Shift

Need for Speed SHIFT brings a real driver’s expertise to a number of the world’s racing tracks. The sport also features the most important roster of high-performance cars in Need for Speed history including race cars like the Pagani Zonda F, Lotus Elise. G-force plays a significant role in the game, as it affects both the player and the AI. The car view is highly detailed. It is possible to see the driver changing gears and moving his head to get a better mirror view. The crashes affect the player’s visuals. While crashing there is a temporary blur on the screen. There are 60+ cars which are separated into 4 tiers. Tier 1 refers to entry-level sports and glamour cars like the Audi TT, tier 2 refers to mid-level performance cars like the BMW M3. This Need for Speed series is one among the best ps3 racing games series.

SystemPlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation Portable, iOS, Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile, MeeGo and J2ME
PublisherElectronic Arts
DeveloperSlightly Mad Studios, EA Bright Light
Release DatesSep 15, 2009

20. F1 2011

F1 2011

F1 2011 is a massive sequel that meticulously represents the difficulty of driving the world’s best racing cars. F1 car driving is difficult. All 12 teams and 24 drivers that started the 2011 season are featured in the game. Though mid-season driver changes did not take place due to licensing limitations. Online multiplayer have a maximum of 16 players in a race with the option to include an additional 8 AI-controlled cars. Objectives are also included in multiplayer. A split-screen multiplayer genre is implement as an online co-operative championship. Red flags are included for situations where safety car cannot get around the track, but not for extreme weather conditions.

SystemPlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation Vita, iOS and Nintendo 3DS
DeveloperCodemasters, Sumo Digital
Release DatesSep 20, 2011

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Explore Best PlayStation 3 Racing games of all time. You might have noticed that this review looks slightly different to other site. These video games are also best sellers in PlayStation 3 racing games. Chose the games you want to download. All PS3 systems can play PS One games. Want to know which racing games are the best ps3 has to offer?? Check our best PlayStation 3 racing games list.

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